We’re Giving Away a Razor for Your Thoughts

FREE Razor Giveaway for Our Customers!

***Limited to the first 50 entrants*** 1 in 25 chance of winning!!!

Razor Details

The razor is from mid 20th century Germany. Made in Solingen by Max Dorner. Their logo is an almost exact copy of Mercedez Benz.

The blade features a square point and measures 5/8″. Perfect for novices and veterans alike.

The tang features bottom jimps for a better grip.

The scales are made from black horn and have survived beautifully. They have been polished back to their original luster.

But wait, there’s more! You can also win your choice of the following!

D.R. Harris Lavender Hard Shaving Soap Refill

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D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap Refill

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D.R. Harris Arlington Hard Shaving Soap Refill

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3) That’s it! Once we receive 50 entries, the winners will be announced. The winners will be randomly determined. You cannot win both.

4 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away a Razor for Your Thoughts

  1. Ray Johnson

    1. Does your Gold Dollar 300 razor have plain blade with no Logo imprinted on the blade as seems to be shown in the photos? Is it possible to special order the 300 with wood scales?

    2. I bought your Gold Dollar 208 razor, it was very sharp for my first shave but I’m just learning to strop so I dulled the blade. I did several chrox stroppings & its edge shaves better again. It’s a good leaning razor. I like it’s blade width & weight. I haven’t gotten cut yet. I’ve used Feather AC SS razor w/Pro blades for 6 months so that taught me to use a light touch.

    3. I used your Monarch HMW silvertip brush for the 1st time yesterday. The handle was smaller than I expected. The knot tips were soft, only one hair fell out. The brush felt similiar to my Simpson Commodore, both are somewhat soft and floppy.

    4. I’m considering using your honing service. I offer a suggestion that you offer customers a prepaid mailing envelope so that the customer could mail the razor from home instead of having to make a nuisance trip to a post office.

    I like your many articles

    1. Lee Post author

      1. Yes it is a plain blade. Not without custom scales. Not really worth it IMO. I have plain black plastic scales that can be fitted for a lower cost. The new stock will have the same scales as the 208.

      2. Great starter razor. Could use it forever, but it’s a little raw looking in comparison to other options.

      4. That is possible. I may add such a feature. Customers would have to order it through the cart though.

  2. peter d. hess

    dear A.S.R or Lee
    I just received my first razor back from re-scaling and restoration. the older i get i value quality,tradition,and skills.i also appreciate courtesy and service; all of which seem to be more and more rare these days! I believe i have found all of these at A.S.R! I am very pleased with the performance and asthetics of my razor.i hope to send more work soon and thank you for my repaired and refurbished razor! Sincerely peter hess

  3. Elliot Murray

    Honing, edge repair, restoration, and to top it off we can get insurance? Dang, this sounds like the thrifty way to go if you want an antique that’s shave-ready.


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