What’s Unique About A Sharper Razor?

Knowledge – Honemeister Lee has over a decade of straight razor shaving and sharpening experience. He has over a thousand straight razors under his belt. From making scales, to fixing pins, to full restorations, Honemeister Lee has done it all!

Speed – You, deserve a faster turnaround time. ASR is committed to shipping your razor back to you FAST. We don’t want you waiting for your razor any longer than necessary. We have the fastest turnaround time in the business. Click here to get your razor back faster!

Innovation – The world does not stand still. Modern sharpening materials never before seen are now widely available. Combining these new technologies with old world know-how, our True Honing™ means a sharper, smoother edge.

Passion – Our passion for straight razors should be painfully obvious. All of us at A Sharper Razor loves shaving and collecting straight razors. Our passion is to bring back this ancient art.

The Edge

Using our True Honing™ process, we individually assess and hone each razor. We spend the time to sharpen the razor to beyond shave ready to Truly Honed™. We don’t have a sharpening laser, but we do have the latest technological innovations and the best stones money can buy. Most importantly though, we spend the time to get it right, to get it perfect, to get it Truly Honed™. This obsession with detail is illustrated in the picture. On the top is shave ready, the bottom is our True Honing™.