Simpson Persian Jar 2 Super Badger

The Persian Jar brush by Simpson is a truly gorgeous looking brush. Featuring a very distinctive and aesthetically pleasing persian jar shape to the handle, the brush is beautiful and ergonomic if held in the right way. It does take some getting used to though. Lathe turned out of acrylic, the faux ivory handle is another fine creation by the people on the Isle of Man.

The badger hair in this brush is Simpson’s super badger grade. The same high quality hair as Vulfix Silvertip, this silvertip hair is tier 1 quality. Very soft on the face and truly luxurious. This brush is a fine example of the quality of this hair. Set in a short loft, it has good backbone to it and not too much bloom. Densely packed with high quality badger hair, this brush is a joy to use.

  • 21mm knot
  • 49mm loft
  • 103mm total height
  • 60 grams

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