Shaving Brush Review: Vie Long 2 Band

Vie Long is normally known for their horse hair brushes. However, they also make excellent badger hair brushes. What is also interesting is that they utilize a unique method of knot making. According to my source and upon examination, the knot is tied, then glued directly to the handle and a metal cap.

This brush specs are as follows:

  • 18mm knot (20mm at the handle)
  • 52mm loft
  • European White 2 band hair
  • 63 grams

My initial thoughts was that this was a great looking brush. The size makes it a small-medium size brush. The 52mm loft makes the brush look larger than it’s specs suggest. The construction makes the knot diameter larger as well. Just like a Chubby 1. The construction of the brush also means there is no glue bump. The handle feels like glass but is most likely an acrylic resin. The metal base is a great added touch. It also adds some heft to the brush.



The problem with two band brushes is that they need to be wet to experience all the softness they have to offer. When dry an extremely soft two band brush can feel very scratchy. Well, with this brush, the hairs are super soft when dry and equally soft when wet. That is to say, very soft.

The brush does exhibit a bit of a scritch as is common with the Manchurian/Hog badger hair. The tips are not gel-like soft, but they come darn close. The hairs should also not be confused with silvertip hair as they are two completely different hairs. They come from different animals after all.

These hairs are much thicker than silvertip hairs. As such there is a lot more backbone. The great thing about this specific example is the tips are very soft. Very soft with a hint of a scritch. You won’t even notice the scritch if you use paint brush strokes.


This brush is well constructed. The logo is still there after many uses. The knot is firmly attached. The brush hasn’t shed any hairs while with me. The handle is great. The bulb is very nicely shaped, some irregularities that are present with a free-hand formed knot. No complaints.


The density of the brush is normal. Average I suppose. The lower relative density and higher loft mean an excellent flow through. Unlike a silvertip brush, the hairs are thick and tend to stay together instead of blooming. You’ll only see a large bloom with really dense 2 band hair brushes. This bloom is small.

So, average density with excellent flow through. The brush is able to hold onto a good amount of lather, which is good. Some brushes with average/low density cannot hold onto 3 passes worth of lather.

Final Thoughts

A most excellent brush. I have no idea how much it costs, but the brush performs excellently. It has a great feel on my face, lathers very easily, and looks great too!

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