Shavemac 944 D01 Silvertip

Shavemac needs no introduction. Their D01 hair is their premium silvertip hair. Described as being “powerful”, D01 hair has good backbone. Extremely densely packed with tier 1 silvertip hair, the D01 knot is an exemplar of Shavemac’s reputation for quality.

The brush has a lot of backbone due to the density and effective loft. Like all Shavemacs, this brush has a noticeable glue bump. Extreme density of the hairs made for a little bit of scritch as the brush was broken in, but once broken in, the brush became very soft. Not as soft as Shavemac’s silvertip, but it is a good hair.

The handle has some nice engraving in it. The persian jar shape is comfortable to hold. However, it is made out of resin instead of acrylic, so it feels a little less solid.

  • 25mm knot
  • 56mm loft
  • 104mm total height
  • 65 grams

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