Photographic Review of Frank Shaving Richmond Silvertip Brush

Today I am reviewing the Frank Shaving Richmond Model Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush. Weighing in at only 40 grams, this brush feels cheap. Considering the retail price, I’m not surprised. Instead of the normal resin, this handle is advertised to be made from acrylic. Feels cheap too. The “FS” logo rubbed mostly off after two uses. Thankfully, this seems to be where the majority of the corners are cut.

The knot itself is not bad. I would call the knot medium density with a high loft. The softness of the bristles is okay, but the loft is quite high for the density of the hair. Feels very much like a floppy BK4 in lathering performance. Great for creams, not so good with hard soaps or face lathering.

The closest brush in loft and density I have on hand is the Semogue 2015. The knots of the two brushes are very similar. I would give the FS brush the edge in density, but the Semogue’s handle is much better, even after several years of use.

Shown here next to a Shavemac 117, the FS doesn’t do too badly, but the Shavemac has the edge. The Shavemac is certainly a firmer brush and better all around performer.

Compared to Wet Shaving Products “Stubby”, the FS brush is sparsely packed with hair.


As you can see, the Frank Shaving is a medium density brush and should be compared with other medium density brushes. It certainly is not going to compete with Simpsons Super, Rooney 3 band, Plisson High Mountain White, Shavemac D01, or any other true high quality brush by any stretch of the imagination.

Update: This is apparently a new model by FS. The handle is made from Plactic, whatever that is. Poor English aside, I guess you get a little less than you pay for with FS. See his ebay sales.

This is Teiste’s take on it.

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