Our Cleaning Service Overview

Some razors don’t need a full restoration. Some razors only need a quick polish. Today’s candidate is a Geo Wostenholm with ivory colored plastic scales. If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you will notice that the razor is in very good condition, relatively speaking. The scales are dirty, especially on the inside and the blade is very tarnished with some very very light rust. In addition, the blade suffers from some scratches undoubtedly obtained somewhere along its long lifespan.

Since the razor’s only major blemish is tarnish from years of neglect, this razor makes a good candidate for our cleaning service. Any worse and it would need a restoration. The razor is actually relatively clean and suffers from no visible chips in the edge. A great candidate for cleaning. Although a restoration could remove the scratches, in this case they weren’t visible enough to worry about.

We start by washing the razor to remove any dirt and surface debris. Then, we polish the razor on a buffing machine using special polishing compounds. These compounds remove the tarnish and any leftover dirt and grime. Next, we thoroughly clean inside the razor and around the pivot point. This is a delicate process, so we do it by hand. Finally, we sharpen the razor. The end result is a damn shiny and shave ready razor!

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