New Forest 2223 High Mountain Badger

New Forest brushes are made from Chinese made knots and British made handles. The marriage makes for some good looking brushes. The High Mountain Badger is described by Peter as coming from badgers from the high mountains of China. He makes some allusions to Plisson’s HMW. It should be noted at this point the hair is not the same.

Every once in a while Peter seems to come out with this better quality silvertip hair. It is significantly better than the regular silvertip he offers. This hair is certainly on par with the big names. The knot has a soft feel to the tips. I would describe it as good tier 1 silvertip hair. The handle is extremely well crafted and features a faux ivory pattern. The new design is aesthetically pleasing and fits well in the hand.

  • 22mm knot
  • 47mm loft
  • 91mm total height
  • 47 grams


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