Morris & Forndran Blue L7 in Silvertip

Called the L7 handle by people on the forums, this handle is a copy of the M7 handle by Simpson. Well, it’s copied for good reason. Because it is extremely comfortable to hold and is quite enjoyable to use. While there are some doubts as to where the true bulk of the manufacturing is done, it is a well constructed brush. Except for the glue bump which irks me terribly. It isn’t hard to get the handle factory to drill the hole 5 mm deeper Lee Sabini. You just have to tell them to do it…. Anyway, glue bump aside, there is nothing wrong with this brush. Maybe it’s too small, but that’s not really a flaw.

The handle is gorgeous and the hair is super soft. It lathers up really easy and is basically a champ all around. It’s a good brush.

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