Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger pre June 2011 2 Band Faux Horn Handle

Morris & Forndran is an old English company. Bought by Lee Sabini sometime after the turn of the century, production has now been moved to an undisclosed location. There are doubts held by some members of the shaving community as to true country of origin. Regardless, it is a well made brush. M&F and Rooney are essentially the same company with much crossover. Both are owned by Lee Sabini. The difference between the two companies seems to be that M&F is Mr. Sabini’s limited run editions.

The handle is an acrylic faux horn in the Rooney style 1 shape. It feels quite good in the hand and is pleasing to the eye. The hair is the well known Blonde Badger. This hair has many fans. This particular example is characterized by extremely good backbone in each individual hair with soft tips. The individual shafts are quite thick and imparts a lot of firmness. On the face, the brush feels soft with a bit of scritch. It does have a very noticeable amount of scritch, but it’s not a scratch. You can certainly use the brush every day if you wanted to.

  • 55mm loft
  • 24.5mm knot
  • 103mm total height
  • 70 grams


One thought on “Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger pre June 2011 2 Band Faux Horn Handle

  1. Krona Kruiser

    Great write up. M&F are not as “standardized” as Simpsons and are enigmatic brushes. They are great but getting information on them is harder than finding people from the missing persons list. Pretty blonde tips, soft but not benign, and plenty of backbone.


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