How to Lather Mitchell’s Wool Fat (Ultralather Method)

Ultralather is a term coined on the TSN forums describing a soap heavy lather mixture. MWF is not normally suited to achieve a high soap to water ratio, usually giving a light & airy lather. By following the steps we do in the video, you can pick up more soap solids and achieve a denser MWF lather.

One thought on “How to Lather Mitchell’s Wool Fat (Ultralather Method)

  1. Wayne

    The best way for me to lather MWF is much the same as in the video EXCEPT I use an extremely hot scuttle…I microwave it for 3 minutes. I load the brush and squeeze the contents into the scuttle then load again. I add 10 drops of water during the 2nd loading. I whip all this in my scuttle. The result is a thin airy mix…MWF does not like heat. Apply the thin airy mix to your face, yes this sounds crazy. In about 10 seconds it will cool and transform into a thick, lustrous lather…you can work this lather with your brush into the thickest cushion you’ve ever seen.


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