Haslinger Ewe’s Milk Shaving Soap Review

I received this soap in a trade.

Okay, so I can’t actually read anything about the packaging, but from what I’m told it is a tallow based soap with lanolin. Hence the little sheep on the package. Honestly, other than that I don’t really have too much background on this soap. It appears to be German and is sold on the Shavemac website. All I can say about it is that it comes in a rather small puck compared to most other soaps. Simple packaging as you can see. Comes with a cute little lamb on it too. So, without further extrapolation, on to how it performs!


This soap loads like a triple milled soap. Which is to say, it takes a little longer to load. But that is fine, I’m used to triple milled soaps. I much prefer them to be honest. Much more bang for the dollar. Anyway, after about 30 seconds of loading, I’ve built up the requisite thick proto lather on the puck. Note: It’s pretty small so I just hold the puck in my hand instead of putting it in a glass bowl like my other soaps. It did come with a small plastic container, but holding it in my hand was easier.

As you can see, it loaded up very nicely. I’ve got a thick proto lather going and I’m ready to start face lathering. Brush used is the Monarch in Super Silvertip.


This soap doesn’t quite explode into lather like Martin de Candre or some creams. It takes a bit of work and is a pretty thirsty soap like D.R. Harris. But that’s okay, I don’t expect my soaps to explode into a lather. I want my soap to be slick and cushioning. So, after a few dips into water, I’m able to build a nice layer of lather on my face. Now, I don’t have any face shots since my head doesn’t fit into my light box, but I’ve lathered the back of my hand so you can see the thickness of lather I’m using.

Like I said, it doesn’t explode into lather, but it builds a nice lather. And if you really wanted to, you could build it very thick (DE users). That said, I would say it builds lather easily enough. I didn’t need too much effort. In addition, getting the ratio I prefer was quite easy as well.


On to the important part, how it performs. In this reviewer’s opinion, the soap performs excellently. Right up there with D.R. Harris in performance. Very slick lather. Perfect for straight razor shaving. The razor didn’t get caught up on any hairs like I’ve experienced the other day using the reformulated GFT soap. Instead, I was rewarded with ultra slick lather. Now, I can’t really comment too much about cushion as I don’t understand what people are talking about since I use a straight razor. I will say that the soap seems to protect the skin pretty well. Anyway, the soap performed very well. Very slick. I like it. Here’s some shots of the lather.


Since I didn’t pay for this soap, I cannot comment on it’s value. But at 4.5 Euros, it seems like a pretty good deal to me. The performance is top notch. Very suitable for straight razor shaving, giving that slickness that the straight razor really needs. As you can see, the lather is quite thick and cushion-y looking. Compared to Mitchell’s Wool Fat, this soap is slightly easier to lather with and is definitely less finicky. More user friendly. Performance wise, they seem to perform about the same. Haslinger’s is slightly slicker in my estimation.

The scent is pretty much non-existant. I didn’t smell anything for the lathers I did, except for the lingering badger stink of my Monarch Super Silvertip.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this soap if you like tallow and lanolin.


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