D.R. Harris Soaps – Still Great and Still Using Tallow!

I have been using DR Harris soaps for several years now and they are definitely one of my favorite soap makers. Still using tallow in their ingredients list, DR Harris soaps provide a comfortable, slick, and aromatic shaving experience.

Lathering up DR Harris soap is a little finicky, but with practice you will get excellent lather. The soap is triple milled for ease of lathering. I didn’t see much difference from other triple milled soaps. I highly recommend using filtered or soft water with these soaps for best results. Using hard water has been known to make lathering harder. I also recommend face lathering for best lathering results. That said, once you get the knack for lathering DR Harris soaps, they make an excellent straight razor lather. Not too thick, not too thin. The lather cushions perfectly and is slick.

While Tabac provides just as good a lather as DR Harris does, DR Harris wins hands over fist in the aromatics department. Unless you really like the “old man” scent of Tabac, DR Harris is your soap. I like virtually every scent DR Harris has to offer. Lavender is a nice flowery fragrance. It may sound unmanly (cue Miller Lite commercial), but no one watches you shave. I like the smell. Marlborough smells of woods and manliness. Arlington is clean, crisp, and fresh. Great for the warmer months. I didn’t like the almond scent too much, but to each his own.

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DR Harris doesn’t present the consumer with a whole lot of value if you compare the weight/price to something like Tabac. However, considering a puck will last you at least a year, the price is not bad at all. Plus, the smell is infinitely better. I much prefer shaving with DR Harris over Tabac for this reason alone. All in all, DR Harris is a great tallow soap. I highly recommend buying a refill. Don’t forget to put it in a Pyrex bowl to save money!

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