ASR Reviews: Dovo Straight Razors

Over the years we have had a lot of experience using, honing, and sharpening Dovo straight razors. Dovo has been in business since the early 1900’s. They are one of the few *GOOD* modern mass manufacturers of straight razors. Dovos come in many shapes and sizes to fit your budget. From the very basic, to the extremely ornate, Dovo makes it.

But how is the steel? The good news is that the steel is very good. Not as good as a vintage razor, but Dovo is the gold standard against which all modern razors are measured by. Dovos hold their edge relatively well, only requiring a re-honing about every six months. Dovos have a good heat treatment and take very well to a honing, sharpening to a keen edge. The shave they give is very good.

The scales Dovo puts on their basic models are unfortunately simple plastic. However, they are 100% functional. The balance is good, for the most part, and the scales will last. On the higher end, the scales become intricate and aesthetically pleasing. In general, the more you pay for a Dovo, the better scales, gold wash, and steel you receive.

The Dovo Inox line is stainless steel. The steel scales that come with some Dovos do not balance particularly well. The stainless steel blade is hard to hone, as all stainless blades are wont to do. The edge it takes is pretty good, and the longevity is slightly longer.

Bottom line: Dovo makes a great quality razor, they hone up very nicely, producing a sharp, keen edge. The scales are very nice, but with Dovo, you get what you pay for. We definitely recommend Dovo if you are looking for a modern straight razor.


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