Liquid Bandaid – Every Man Needs This in His Shave Kit

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Ever since they started marketing liquid band-aids I’ve been intrigued. The concept was always so high tech and neat. The military’s been using the technology for a while now. No more problems with water, falling off, or looking funny. That said, the tech really isn’t any different than superglue. The problem was always the same as superglue. Once you opened it up, the stuff dried out and was useless. Most other brands of liquid bandaid come in single use superglue-like tubes. This stuff comes in a bottle. A bottle that can be re-used over and over again. For thousands of cuts. And trust me, it even works for cuts so bad you think you might need stitches. Yes, I’ve had to do that when I cut my finger extremely badly and I didn’t have medical insurance. Well, I still don’t, but hopefully I’ll have insurance again soon.

Over the past few years I’ve been using New-Skin liquid bandage. You would think that I would be cut more often from sharpening razors. But the truth is that I can’t even remember the last time I cut myself actually sharpening a razor. I cut myself grabbing one of my razors to be sharpened, but never while actually sharpening. No, I’m actually kind of clumsy and cut myself on stuff like broken glass and scratch myself. My accident prone self loves this stuff. It is so much more aesthetically pleasing and permanent than regular bandaids. This stuff belongs in every man’s shaving kit.

The largest advantage is that it comes in a reusable bottle. No more drying out and becoming useless. The antiseptic makes this even better. I’ve been using it to treat everything from small nicks from shaving to pretty deep wounds from being careless. To any teenagers reading this, it also works great to seal up a pimple you’ve just popped. I should note that the stuff does sting when you put it on. I feel that its the products way of telling us its killing all the cells in the area. Sort of like rubbing alcohol. Nevertheless, I prefer to stop the bleeding and sanitize using alcohol soaked toilet paper. If the bleeding persists I use a styptic pencil. The rest is common sense. All in all, for $5 this is a great addition to the first aid and shaving kit.

How to Use

Using this stuff is pretty self explanatory. However, I’ll briefly go over how I use the stuff. I should also note that this product works best in combination with a styptic pencil or alum block. First things first: stop the bleeding. If its a huge gash, see a doctor. Or if you can’t afford one, use pressure and sterile gauze to soak up the blood. For small nicks and cuts from shaving follow these simple steps: 1) Sterilize the cut with soap and water, and then a topical disinfectant. 2) Stop the bleeding using a styptic. 3) Wait for the styptic to work. 4) Unscrew the bottle, wipe off excess liquid bandaid using the lip of the bottle and apply to the wound.

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