7/8 T&B Jacques LeCoultre Au Sentier Frameback w/ Original Horn Scales & Replaceable Blade

This is a 7/8″ Jacques Le Coultre straight razor featuring the original horn scales. This straight razor was made in France. The tang is stamped with the initials T&B. The tang also features jimps on the bottom for easier control.

The blade is a Spanish point of sorts, but is unique and rare because it is actually a replaceable blade. The idea behind this short lived idea was that you could switch the blades while your other razor was out for honing. This idea was innovative for its time and is a precursor to the modern day shavette. The original blade is now an integral part of this razor and shouldn’t be removed, although it could if you really wanted to.

Another unique feature about this razor is the scales. Not only are they made from horn and have survived the centuries in near pristine condition, but they feature a very unique shape. They have been lovingly restored and brought back to their original lustre.

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