7/8 Frederick Reynolds Wedge w/ Vintage Horn Scales

This razor is a Frederick Reynolds masterpiece. Frederick Reynolds was a competitor of Wade & Butcher during the heyday of Sheffield’s reign as the culinary capital of the world. Manufactured in the 1800s, this wedge has survived the ages and has aged wonderfully.

The blade is a full 7/8″ and is a little big larger at the widest points. Featuring a smile and a near wedge grind, this is what a true Sheffield blade is supposed to be. It has incredible heft and a great look that has not been replicated in today’s razors outside of the custom razor market. The blade is tipped with a barber’s notch giving it a unique and aggressive appearance. The blade was restored to its original lustre, erasing centuries of aging.

The scales are vintage scales made from black horn. It is unlikely that these are the original scales as this razor is incredibly old, but someone lovingly replaced the scales on this blade and possibly carved his name into them. Borel C. is all I can make out. They have been brought back to their original shine and stand ready to last another century of use.

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