11/16 George Wostenholm Pipe Razor – Hollow Grind & Bakelite Scales

This razor is a George Wostenholm Pipe Razor. These unique and highly sought after straight razors are distinguished by the pipe featured on the tang. Manufactured by George Wostenholm & Son, this razor was made in Sheffield England during their heyday. The pipe razor is regarded by collectors and enthusiasts as one of the finest examples of straight razor manufacturing.

The razor features an extremely well done hollow grind, ground by hand and a visually aggressive square point. The blade is housed in a pair of original and vintage bakelite scales. The bakelite scales have faded to a unique light brown color from the original black. They have been refurbished and brought back to their original lustre. The blade features a slight smile and taper towards the point.

Stamped on the tang are the words “The Original & True Pipe Razor, Sheffield England”. This is a must have razor for your collection or loved one. Not many of these are in circulation.

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