11/16″ George Wostenholm IXL Featuring 1/4 Hollow Grind & Decorated Horn Scales

George Wostenholm was one of the premier straight razor manufacturers in Sheffield England during it’s reign as the cutlery center of the world. They employed some of the finest craftsman and used the best steels of the time. Today’s mass manufacturers of straight razors have yet to replicate their quality.

This razor is RARE! Not only do the horn scales feature decoration stating that this is “The Real IXL Razor”, but the razor has a very unique point. This razor has both a curved spine for a smiling blade and a tapered tip. This was how it was made from the factory. Not many examples of this type of razor were made or are still in circulation.

The horn scales and blade have survived the centuries beautifully. The blade was quarter hollow ground by hand! The quarter hollow grind means the razor has a good heft to it but still has many of the advantages of a hollow blade. It is more wedge than hollow.

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