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Super smooth shave!!!! No irritation what so ever and the turn around time was way beyond my expectations. Thanks lee

Giancarlo L.

I just got my razor back from buffing and honing, and I cant believe how much better it looks! I dont think this old razor has ever looked this good (or been sharper) it shaves amazingly, I however have some learning to do. Anyway thank you so much and keep up the good work, I will definitely be returning to you guys again.

Thank you,

Paul M.

I sent my vintage straight razor in to be honed and these guys did an amazing job. The razor came back extremely sharp and the turn around time was awesome. I’ll definitely be sending more razors in the future.

Kyle J.

I came across the website through google. I needed someone to sharpen a razor I bought for my boyfriend. He loved it! Now he won’t use any of his other razors.
Karen M.

First of all, these guys are awesome! Very professional and quick. When I got back my razor, I was blown away. The edge was beyond expectations! Now I know what scary sharp means. The edge may even be “too sharp.” You guys were amazing. I’ll be using them for all my future honing needs.

Mark T.

Great website, quick turnaround! My razor was dull as a butter knife. They took my dull razor and turned it into a shaving machine! I cannot express enough thanks. Good job!!!!!!
Robert H.

I sent in a razor I could not get sharp. It came back in better shape than my daily shaver! I highly recommend them. Turnaround time was much faster than advertised too.
Ray D.

These guys are amazing! I have never experienced a closer shave. The turnaround was so fast, I hardly noticed the razor being gone. Much faster than the other place I tried.

Brandon K.

I forgot how sharp my razor could be! Excellent, fast service. Lifetime customer.
John C.

Excellent craftsmanship. I’ll be back in six months. Thank you!
Mark R.

My husband loves this razor because now he has a standard!
Anah H.