6/8 Wade & Butcher Crown Emblem in Original Horn Scales

This is a Wade & Butcher 6/8″ Straight Razor that was manufactured in the world’s cutlery capitol, Sheffield, England as marked on the tang. W&B is the most highly recognized name among razor enthusiasts and collectors alike. Known for making incredible razors both for users and collectors, Wade & Butcher is THE razor you must have in your collection. Based in Sheffield England, W&B produced some of the finest razors the world has ever seen.

Featuring a square point for a visually aggressive appearance, this razor is set in the original black horn scales. The spine of the razor features a decorative grind instead of the normal rounded top. Stamped on tang is a crown with the letters VR along with the Wade & Butcher name. Based on the grind of the razor and logo, this is an end of the era W&B possibly made just before the company closed its doors forever.

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