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So, you want to shave with a straight razor? Well, go no further. Don’t search through thousands of threads on forums just to find that one piece of advice you need. Don’t wait hours for a response to a simple question. Our informative articles will guide you through the shaving process step by step and answer the questions you never even thought to ask.

If your new to straight razor shaving, you should check out our featured articles page. There you will find our best straight razor shaving guides sorted by category and suggested order of reading. Featuring articles on sharpening, how to use a straight razor, history, interesting reading, and much more!


You’ll Like How Your Razor Shaves, I Guarantee It

You deserve a better shave. A straight razor shave is as close as you can get to shaving perfection. Incredibly close and irritation free. But what if your razor’s edge isn’t up to the task? We’re here to help. Utilizing old school know-how and the latest technology, we offer unsurpassed sharpness and the fastest turnaround time in the world.

With thousands of straight razors and over a decade of experience under his belt, Honemeister Lee will treat your razor properly. You too can experience what true honing really means.

But don’t just believe us. Ask Our Customers!


Straight Razor Restoration & Custom Scales

Your valuable heirlooms deserve to be treated correctly. In order to do a proper restoration you need the right tools and the right skills. With thousands of straight razor restorations under our belt you can count on us to give your valued heirloom the restoration it deserves. We guarantee you’ll love the transformation. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our gallery of restored straight razors!

If your scales are broken, or you just want to give your razor a makeover, we offer custom scales too! Take a look at our custom scales gallery for ideas.

True Honing™
"Lee is one of the finest honemeisters in the country. With over 10 years and thousands of straight razors and knives under his belt, he will be sure to put a keen and refined edge on your blade!"
-Matt from Razor Emporium

"I had an exceptionally smooth shave today from the razor I just got back from you. I don't think I can remember the razor ever being so sharp! Thanks for getting it back to me quickly, I hardly noticed it being missing."
-Jordan K. from Illinois silvertip badger brushes